Nov 29, 2010

A Valentine chocolate box

I was contemplating whether to enter Isdihara's Chocolate box contest and till today I was not sure I would. Decorating boxes has always been a challenge which I enjoy. I remember once I had to attend a wedding but when I could not find a proper box for the gift, my creative side prevailed and I used a shoe box which I lined all over with wrapping paper. It was worth it, when the bride appreciated the packing and also the gift the next day at the reception.

When I started I did not have a chocolate box, but I manged to find this square cardboard box which had  a  lid made of plastic. I discarded it and made my own lid using thick white chart paper. For the background I used a fine napkin with a soft pastel print (the only one available at home). At this stage I had decided that my theme would be Valentine since the colors are very soft and romantic. I used a fine hens and chicks edging in pink to decorate the sides of the box. I searched online for some small sized hearts patterns and by coincidence both the patterns I liked are designed by Brigit Phleps, the ones at the corners are called sweetheart hearts (one of the reasons I selected them) and the green one in the center is called the L'il heart.

The box looked still looked very bare, so I used some fine organza ribbon, small tatted flowers and some glitter to give it a soft feminine look.

And as I have already mentioned this is my Valentine chocolate box.
 Ooops, I forgot to put in the chocolates!


  1. Your chocolate box turned out GREAT! Especially nice that you chose Valentine's Day for your theme! What a lovely, feminine and romantic entry!

  2. What a neat way to decorate the box. It's so great how you came up with a lid and then using a napkin as a background - I would never have thought of it.

  3. Thanks Isdihara and Wanda! I enjoyed making this box.

  4. Your Valentine Chocolate box is very beautiful! :)

  5. OOOOOO very VERY pretty!!! You must be another really fast tatter! So pretty!

    Good luck on the contest :)

  6. Thanks God's Kid and Connie! I can tat fast but not very fast, else I make mistakes.


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